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Countdown Days Widget for AndroidTM

The widget will help you to countdown the days until an important event of your life. It shows the remaining days or even the working days left if you are interested in such a counter.

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Key features:
  • Shows the remaining calendar and/or weekdays
  • Optionally a progress indicator since a configurable time
  • Differently colored backgrounds
  • Optionally shows the name of the event you are waiting for
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PhotoUploader for AndroidTM

Upload and organize your photos and videos easily on your computer or NAS!

Key features:
  • The photos are uploaded in sub-directories
  • The sub-directories are created during the uploading process
  • A sub-directory's name is the creation date of the photos belonging to it
  • Photos created at same day will belong to the same sub-directory
  • Easy setup and upload with one click
  • Currently Samba protocol/server is supported
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