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Countdown Days Widget for AndroidTM

The widget will help you to countdown the days until an important event of your life. It shows the remaining days or even the working days left if you are interested in such a counter.

countdown_landing countdown_prefs1 countdown_prefs2

If you want you can add several countdown widgets on your home screen. It is easy to customize the widget, you can configure it to see:

  • The remaining calendar and/or weekdays
  • A progress indicator since a certain configurable time
  • Differently colored backgrounds
  • The name of the event you are waiting for

Have fun and waiting for your feedback!

How to install to home screen

Please don't forget that Countdown Days it is a widget and not an application, so:

  • It can't be moved to the SD card, all widgets should be installed in the internal memory of the device
  • You need to add the widget on your home screen with a few easy steps:
Press the Menu button on your device and select Add, or tap longer an empty area on the screen with your finger
From Add to home screen menu select the Widgets item
From the Choose widget menu select the Countdown Days entry

How it started

Here is the first sketch of the widget and the resulted vector graphics :)

start finish

If you have any questions, comments, complains or compliments feel free to contact us. Let us know how we could improve the widget.


Release History

  • 1.01.00 transparency of the widget can be configured
  • 1.00.07 enable selecting either calendar days or workdays or both in the widget, GUI improvements
  • 1.00.06 released to Android Market