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PhotoUploader for AndroidTM

The application helps you to easily upload and organize your photos from your phone and videos onto a computer. Since using the phone’s camera often to take pictures, we faced the same issue over and over. After a few weeks we had to connect the phone to our computer with cable or Wi-Fi, then we uploaded all the media files from the phone onto computer. Because we have a lot of photos, they are organized in chronological order, belonging to a directory named after the date of picture creation and eventually a location or comment is appended. This also means that after uploading the photos and videos, these were manually sorted into a corresponding directory. So after uploading and sorting the photos are ready to be post-processed, retouched or edited from a workstation.

This is how the idea came to automatize this painful process, to have an application, which uploads all the photos and videos from the phone onto the computer (workstation or server, e.g. a NAS used to share the family photos) and stores the photos into directories having as name the creation date of the pictures belonging to it.

photouploader_landing photouploader_upload

The user interface is pretty straightforward and intuitive. The landing screen of the application lists all your photos, videos and already shows them organized by the date of creation. From the dropdown list you can select your pre-configured computer (the uploading destination) and by simply clicking on the “Upload” button the photos and videos will be transferred onto the selected computer with the directory structure shown on the screen.

The directory structure on the destination computer will look like below:

    • 2011.06.19
      • IMG_20110619_162215.JPG
      • IMG_20110619_162314.JPG
      • IMG_20110619_162416.JPG
    • 2011.08.17
      • IMG_20110817_101240.JPG
      • IMG_20110817_101521.JPG

photouploader_list photouploader_add

During the upload process you have the possibility to cancel the file transfer. The list of destination computers can be configured from the setup. You can add, modify and remove the endpoints or servers. Currently only the samba protocol is supported.

photouploader_upload2 photouploader_about

As future improvements we might:

  • support different protocols (e.g. scp for transferring the pictures)
  • integrate with the Gallery application
  • provide different criteria to organize the photos (not only the date of creation), e.g. location
  • remove the photos form the phone after upload (configurable)
  • etc.

Release History

  • 1.05.00 fix crashing issue for specific images
  • 1.04.00 videos are listed and uploaded as well. Bugfixes and enhancements
  • 1.03.00 shows the pictures taken with the camera only and GUI enhancements
  • 1.02.00 enhanced GUI and allow application to be installed on SD card
  • 1.01.00 fix for force close on honeycomb
  • 1.00.00 time estimation on upload, photos organized by date or flat flag
  • 0.00.18 released to Android Market