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# Name Score
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Lines for AndroidTM

The objective of the game is to move blocks from cell to cell to form lines (vertical, horizontal or diagonal). When a line contains at least 5 blocks they are removed from the board and you are getting points added to your current score. The score depends from the amount of removed blocks. In each step when you cannot build a line, 3 new blocks are dropped onto the board.
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Move the cursor with the arrow keys and select a block using the Fire key. Undo with the star key, create new game with the pound key. Drag and drop is supported as well or you can simply select by touching the block then point to the desired target location.
Scoring is calculated as follows: when you remove 5 blocks you will receive 1 point. For 6 blocks 3 points, for 7 blocks 5 points, for 8 blocks 7 points, for 9 blocks 9 points and for 10 blocks 11 points.
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You can list the best ten scores for each level. High scores can be sent to the server, the points sent are collected here. Check the latest game statistics! Play as long as possible, and be number one in the high scores!
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When uploading the high score you will be asked to provide your name. This name will be shown on the web page next to your high score.
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Undo movement is also supported. The game keeps the history of the movements, you can always go back to a previous state of the game if a piece has been moved accidentally to a wrong place.

Shortcuts are helping to access the frequently used commands. You may undo with the star key or create a new game with the pound key.


Android Lines Top Software Award: "Simple and entertaining Lines game for Android-based devices."

Release History

  • 2.11.00 Allows application to be moved on SD card and GUI enhancements
  • 2.10.00 Fix for large screens
  • 2.09.00 GUI improvements, bug fixes
  • 2.08.00 GUI enhancements
  • 2.06.00 bug fixes for handling undo and save operations
  • 2.04.00 rank number fix in score list, scaling resolution fix
  • 2.03.00 different screen size support (i.e. QVGA for HTC Tattoo)
  • 2.02.00 save state fix, help, UI improvements
  • 2.01.00 drag and drop and UI enhancements
  • 2.00.00 first public release with uploading features