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# Name Score
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SameColors for AndroidTM

The objective of the game is to remove all blocks from the board by selecting the largest groups of pieces with the same color. You can remove blocks with same color that are touching each other vertically or horizontally.
normal level medium level hard level
More levels are provided and on each level the size of the board is different. The score is calculated as follows: (n-1)*(n-1), where n is the number of removed blocks at one time. Bonus is added if the board is completely cleared. The bonus added is the size of the board (e.g. 81 on easy level).
samecolors2 samecolors3 samecolors4
You may check the top scores and recent score uploads here. The best high scores are saved and you can list them.
samecolors5 samecolors6 samecolors7
When uploading the high score you will be asked to provide your name. This name will be shown on the web page next to your high score.

Undo movement is also supported. The game keeps the history of block removals. You can always go back to a previous state of the game if a piece has been removed accidentally.

The game provides a grayscale mode to help color blind people.
samecolors8 samecolors10 samecolors11

Shortcuts are helping to access the frequently used commands. You may undo with the star key or create a new game with the pound key.

Release History

  • 3.00.00 More levels were added, easier game restart, different block colors, GUI enhancements
  • 2.14.00 Allows installation to SD card, setup screen layout has been improved, unnecessary permissions were removed
  • 2.12.00 New icons and GUI improvements
  • 2.11.00 Fix for large screens
  • 2.10.00 Application icon fix
  • 2.09.00 Shows numbers of taps, GUI enhancements, bug fixes
  • 2.08.00 GUI enhancements
  • 2.06.00 Archos version with device detection
  • 2.05.00 fix for Android platform 1.5
  • 2.04.00 grayscale mode to help color blind people, rank nr fix in score list, scale res fix
  • 2.03.00 different screen size support (i.e. QVGA for HTC Tattoo)
  • 2.02.00 Upload view improvement, access instead of
  • 2.01.00 Save state fix, help, UI improvements
  • 2.00.00 High score listing and uploading
  • 1.03.00 First public release with basic features